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Coaching the Five-Wide Empty Offense
Coaching Football, Football, Offense, Football Tactics

Coaching Football, Football, Offense, Football Tactics

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Author: Scott Spanton
Length: 96 pages
Published: 2011
Format: Book

Product Code: 9781606791523
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Coaching the Five-Wide Empty Offense provides an overview of the key factors involved in the installation and execution of this unique offense, from the base formations and motions, to the running game, the passing game (quick, five-step, play-action, sprint-out), and screens. The book explains how coaches can employ this offense to create space and make the defense responsible for defending the entire field. The book also details how this offense can not only be very explosive, but also clock-controlling. Another advantage of this offensive system is that it can be employed in a variety of ways, based upon a coach’s philosophy of offensive football. The five-wide empty offense has a number of positive features, including the fact that it is a style that defenses do not see week in and week out and it offers a winning style of football that players as well as spectators can enjoy and get excited about.