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Defensing the Pistol Run Game With the 3-3-5 Defense

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Author: Leo Hand
Length: 129 pages
Published: 2018
Format: Book

Product Code: 9781606794203
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Defensing the Pistol Run Game With the 3-3-5 Defense features 33 single-back pistol plays, 43 two-back pistol plays, 12 three-back pistol plays, and 13 wing-T pistol plays. Exemplified in these 101 plays is virtually every type of run game strategy employed in modern football; therefore, this book is not simply a book written for defensive coaches. Offensive coaches will also find a wealth of information in this book, which they can incorporate into their own offense. They can also use it to scrutinize defensive tactics that may possibly used to counter their attack.


A Brief Introduction to the Pistol Offense 
A Brief Overview of the 3-3-5 Defense 
Defending Aceback Pistol Plays 
Defending Two-Back Pistol Plays 
Defending Three-Back Pistol Plays 
Defending Wing-T Pistol Plays