Coaches Choice is one of the world’s premier publishers of instructional materials for coaches at all competitive levels. Founded in 1997, Coaches Choice offers an inventory of over 2400 titles that feature several of the most well-known coaches in their sport.

The underlying mission of Coaches Choice is to provide coaches with the tools and resources that they need to help ensure that they afford their athletes the positive experience that they deserve. Every Coaches Choice product is backed by our resolute commitment to high quality and exceptional customer service.

Coaches Choice is supported in its quest to produce products that feature cutting-edge information and insights by its sister company, Healthy Learning, as well as its interaction and synergy with its key partners, including ACA, ACE, ACSM, AMSSM, Glazier Clinics, IHRSA, MFA, NFLCA, TGCA, and THSCA.